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Tel: 01736 798333

Most pets have to be given tablets occasionally even if they are not ill - all dogs and cats should be wormed every three months.

Administering a tablet to a dog Some tablets can be put in the animals food, but some have to be given on an empty stomach.

Many people have difficulty administering tablets, but there is a relatively easy technique for this.

For a dog, you should lay one hand over the dog's nose. Insert the thumb of this hand into the dog's mouth on one side, and the fingers on the other, tip the dog's head back so his mouth opens, it may help to press on the roof of his mouth with your thumb. Take the tablet in your other hand and push it down his throat. You will not hurt him doing this, and it is much better to get the tablet down first go without a struggle than to end up with a soggy tablet on the floor.


Giving a tablet to a cat

The technique for cats is slightly different, lay your hand on the cat's head, palm down, with your last two fingers behind his head, one each side. Place your thumb and first finger each side of his nose. Tip his head right back so his nose is pointing vertically or even slightly backwards. Take the tablet between the thumb and first finger of your other hand, drop it right to the back of his mouth and quickly push it into his throat with your finger. It may help to have someone else holding onto him firmly by his front legs.

Please ask us for advice if you are unsure how best to administer drugs to your pet.